Access Control

Access control to fit your needs

We’ll design and install reliable access control systems, customized to the needs of your business. Access control can usually be categorized as PC controlled or wireless, standalone access. We’ll help you find what you need based on your facility, door requirements and fire code requirements. Click here for information on our other commercial services.

Key Card Access

Now you can control:

Who goes through the door

When they access the door

What door they can enter

Most access control systems include:

Quick and easy elimination and enrollment of user cards.

Audit trails to track door use dates, times and users.

Restriction and scheduled timed access for various doors and users.

Secure, convenient and often cost-effective solutions for administrators.

Access Control Products

Wireless and standalone access options

Standalone and WiFi based access control systems are gaining popularity because they don’t require wiring. While their capabilities used to be limited, standalone access products have made great strides in making it easier to customize users, lock times and other data.

PC-controlled access control systems

Our PC-controlled systems include these products and features.

Lock and Electronic Strike
Reader and Keypad
Key Fob and Key Card
Access Control Door Controller
Access Control Software

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